The Teamsters Local 688 Health and Medical Camp is designed for members and their families to engage in activities to promote a good, healthy lifestyle. It is open year round and boasts a number of activities and events that everyone in the family will enjoy, from golf to camping, to swimming. It provides a fun and safe atmosphere where families can rest, refresh, and enjoy the fruitful bounty that nature has to offer.

Come with us now, and discover what fellow Teamsters and their families...already know.

Hours of Operation

Summer Schedule (April 1 - October 31)

  • Camp is open daily 6:00AM - 9:30PM
  • The gate is locked at 10:00PM

Winter Schedule (November 1 - March 31)

  • Camp is open daily 8:00AM - 5:00PM
  • The gate is locked at 5:00PM

The Teamsters Local 688 Insurance and Welfare Fund offers a Silver Card membership plan to all Local 688 members of UPS shops in Eastern Missouri, or members of any shop with 500 or more union employees. The plan includes the Camp membership and life insurance.

By participating in this plan, you and your family can become members of the beautiful Teamsters Camp and Union Hills Golf Course while enjoying the array of benefits the plan has to offer.

Please call or email the camp office for more details or simply register online.